Time or Distance a problem in getting help at Transcript Ministries? Then you might be interested in Online Counseling. We offer Online Christian Counseling.  Online counseling is a way to do counseling that brings counseling to your computer, tablet or smart phone.  Whether, individual or online marriage counseling, TM uses a company called 'We Counsel' to host online video sessions in order to make sure all sessions are HIPAA compliant. So rest assured that security and safety is an upmost priority at Transcript Ministries.  You might be wondering if it would be the same as being in person.  In our experience, doing web-based video sessions can be just as effective as being in person.  Any homework or forms can be sent back and forth via email.  For some, it helps them feel more comfortable doing therapy from the convenience from home.  For others, cutting down on drive time can be more convenient because of busy schedules.  Whatever your situation, find out what works best for you at 352.942.7922 or Brent@transcriptministries.org

Online Counseling