"Brent counseled me at a very critical time in my life. I had just moved over 700 miles away from most of my family and all of my friends. I was depressed and holding on to past pains and relationships that were only keeping me down. With Brent's help and knowledge I was able to get my feet back on solid ground. Not only am I feeling more connected to God but my relationship with my 9 year old daughter has taken a turn for the best. I am able to be the parent she deserves without be exhausted and frustrated from the depression. Brent was able to put things into perspective for me in ways I would have never thought of. I felt my words were safe with Brent and never once did I feel like I was judged for my past that I disclosed to him. He is a wonderful counselor and I have already referred him to several people."

-Adult, Individual Counseling

What are real clients saying about Transcript Ministries?

"God led me to Brent at a time when I was at a crossroad in my spiritual maturity.  I had experienced trauma as a child and never took the time to process my feelings and grieve my loss.  Brent took his time to patiently take me through the 5 stages of grief at my pace.  I was able to process my feelings and come to a sense of acceptance.  Brent has given me Christian practical tools to deal with life's issues in a productive and logical way.  I truly believe God joined me to Brent for a season to become the Christian man and leader that God has called me to be.  I will always be grateful for Brent's obedience in accepting me as a client."

-Adult, Individual Counseling

“Brent was there for my grandson when he needed the most help.  He even went to visit him when he was in jail.  Thank you so much for your support and being there for my family the most.”

-Grandmother, Adolescent and Family Counseling

"Transcript Ministries and Brent Stamey have been a God send for me and my family.  My son was dealing with an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression.  Brent has been able to work with him to deal with these issues.  My son has come a long way since beginning with Transcript Ministries.  I am very thankful that God led us to Transcript and Brent."

-Adult, Family and Adolescent Counseling

"My grandson has been more open, less fearful and happy.  He has begun saying his prayers again!! Thank you Brent!"

-Grandmother, Child and Family Counseling


“Brent I want to thank you for saving my marriage!  Your wise counsel, patience, and understanding of our situation will always be appreciated.  Thank you for being faithful to God and such a blessing in our life!”

-Married Couple, Marriage Counseling

"When we first saw Brent, our marriage was on the verge of divorce.  We did not think it was salvageable, but after working with Brent to understand our underlying individual problems it became clear that we could save our marriage. He took the time to see us individually and help us develop individual plans to succeed in our union.  Thanks to him and his efforts we are happier than ever and know each other better.  Thank you Brent!"

-Married Couple, Marriage Counseling

"After seeing Brent, I feel like everyone should go to counseling. I have referred other people to Brent because he is patient and works to earn your trust. He has a way of leading you to what you need and helping you identify the root of issues without being pushy. He gave me the tools to work through my pain and my problems; tools that I now use regularly. He provided biblical principles without preaching at me and that was greatly appreciated. After seeing Brent I feel empowered and free from the emotional bondage I was in." 

-Adult, Individual Counseling

"When we began sessions with Brent, he began to explain the process about fears and emotions.  Things then began to unfold for us as parents and individuals.  As we worked on behavior issues with our son, we also worked on our emotions as parents and how to handle them.  Each week after our sessions we would discuss our notes and plans about how to deal with situations.  As we began this journey and prayed for God to help us with those fears and emotions, we began to see a transformation in not only us, but in our son as well.  As time went on, we grew stronger as parents and individuals. Our son now corrects himself when he starts to slip.  We are thankful for Brent and this ministry's impact on our lives."

-Adult, Family Counseling

"Brent is an outstanding counselor.  He knew what to say and how to address the issues.  I would recommend anyone to speak with him."

-Adult, Family Counseling

"I am so grateful to Brent for assisting my husband and I during a very delicate and unbalanced part of our marriage.  Through individual sessions, we were each able to analyze our feelings, emotions, and behaviors in a safe environment addressing issues we were often unaware caused damage.  Similarly, our joint sessions allowed us to speak honestly without fear of a pending argument. Brent talked us through the struggle and as a result, the tension that would normally cause our darkest moments were slowly brought into the light, able to be analyzed, discussed and even healed.  Thank you Brent for investing and believing in us."

-Adult, Marriage Counseling